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Hey guys!

For some time I’ve wanted to created Markiplier merchandise (and tons of my followers have encouraged me to do so…) So I made a poster design that has sticker and t-shirt companions and I also plan to create Muyskerm and LordMinion777 counterparts to the Markiplier set.

I either need Mark, Wade and Bob’s permission to sell these on my own or I can give them these designs for use in their respective charity Livestreams and Maker stores.

If we can signal boost this in all three fandoms, that would be great. I’m totally willing to make cool shit for them for free, just as long as it’s put out there because a) I want to give back to them somehow and what better way than to make them stuff, and b) my followers really want them.

You don’t have to help but I’m asking you to because I’ve had no results through any other means. That includes two email addresses of Mark’s, one proven to be his as he had emailed me some time ago (for this very thing) and the second advertised as his “business” email. I will not sell these without even a shred of permission from Mark, Bob or Wade, so if you want these designs to become a reality then join in helping me ask them.
Thank you all so much and I apologize if I ever appear to be pushy, needy, ungrateful, entitled or crossing any sort of line. I’m not trying to be, I never want to be and I actively try not to be any of these things.
Again, thanks so much for any and all support you ever give me. You guys are all awesome.


Shasqua Sword

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Caucasian
  • Measurements: overall length 91 cm

The sword has a curved, single -and false-edged, with a Damask blade with double groove, becoming a triple one at the centre. At the first section there’s a stamp depicting and toothed crescent. The weapon has its typical hilt entirely silver-plated, with silver wire binding, engraved, gilt and nielloed with floral motifs. The wooden scabbard features red leather covering, silver mounts decorated with gilt and nielloed, floral and geometrical engravings and a band with a loop and one suspension ring.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.

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